25 days of holiday reading

An educational tradition you can feel good about!

This is one holiday tradition you can feel really good about passing along to your kids.  25 days of holiday reading was something I started when Preston was of the age that books were entertaining.  We started reading to her before she could really even make eye contact, but I truly believe it's never too early to start raising a reader.

Throughout the year I keep my eye out for books.  25 books.  These can be any kind of books, holiday themed or not.  A great place to look for holiday books in the off-season is at Homegoods, particularly the month following Christmas.  You can even make this tradition really inexpensive by purchasing books at a discount consignment shop or The Goodwill.

Once you've collected the books, individually wrap them and place them in a stack.  Tie the stack with a ribbon and display under your Christmas Tree.  I have also seen them placed in a basket which is equally cute and more convenient for little hands.

Every night during the month of December leading up to Christmas, watch your little ones run to the tree in excitement to open their nightly holiday reading.  When Preston was an infant she completely understood the concept of only 1 book, but once she entered the toddler years, the 1 book rule was a bit of a struggle at first.  Give it a few days of repetition and your kids will adjust to learn that 1 is more than enough each night.


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