3 Ingredient Pumpkin Spice Cookies

Need something to take to a fall potluck?  Don't want to spend hours in the kitchen but want to impress your guests?  Look no further!


3 Ingredient Pumpkin Spice Cookies are simple, delicious, and CHEAP!!!  Whip up a batch of these bad boys in less than 30 minutes and have your house smelling like fall in no time.

Yields 38 cookies.


1  15 oz. can of pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling)
1 box of spiced cake mix
1  12 oz. bag of chocolate chips - we prefer dark...cause, why not?


Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.  Spray baking sheet with Bak-Klene ZT Nonstick Baking Spray.

Using a mixer, blend pumpkin and cake mix together until smooth.  Fold in chocolate chips until evenly mixed.

Next, with a cookie scoop or spoon, scoop 1-2 Tbsp of dough and place about 2 inches apart on your baking sheet.  (NOTE: Do not flatten!  The best part about these cookies is how fluffy they turn out!)

Bake for 10-12 minutes.  Cookies will be done when they feel spongy to the touch.  Remove baking sheet from oven and transfer cookies to a cooling rack after 5 minutes.


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