DIY Halloween Costumes

Hedwig the Owl

Since I was a child, I can't ever remember my parents buying us halloween costumes.  I'm sure at some point I will become too busy of a mom or run out of time to make my kids their own costumes, but 2 years in the running is pretty good!

I'm not sure anything will ever beat Prestons first Halloween costume -Hedwig, the owl from Harry Potter (we're huge HP fans in this family).  I found this easy tutorial on a blog through Pinterest for a No Sew Baby Owl Costume.  Shout out to Mckenzie on your creativity!

I only made a few slight revisions to her original patters.  First, I cut a slit down the back of the neck so Preston could get her head in and out with a little more ease.  Second, I added a red piece of felt around the neck to resemble the colors of Howarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I don't have a photo of it from the back, but I left about 4 inches of the red felt on each side of the collar so I could tie it in a bow.

Lastly, I had my talented mother knit a hat instead of making a headband.  In the Pacific Northwest it tends to be a bit cooler in the fall.

Overall I would say this was a great DIY pattern!  Pretty impressed with how it turned out.


Sheep aka "ba-ba"

For Prestons 2nd Halloween, (well officially her 3rd, but 2nd time dressing up and doing the whole trick-or-treat thing) I asked her what she wanted to be.  Now at the time she was only just over 2 years, so I'm sure I had some persuasion in this decision.  We decided to go with a sheep.

Again, through the wonderful world of Pinterest I found a blog called "This Lovely Life" which featured a DIY No Sew Sheep Costume.  All I needed was a glue gun, some cotton balls and a sweatshirt and I was set!

Much like the owl costume, this was super simple and kept my kiddo extra warm.  Preston loved 'helping' mom this year; aka counting the cotton balls.  (We used over 250!)  The only issue we ran into was losing cotton balls as we went out venturing for candy.  We had plenty to spare, so it wasn't a big deal, but if I were to recreate this patter I would look into batting instead.  Pretty cute little sheep don't you think?


The benefits of involving your littles

At one year, Preston wasn't really able to "assist" in creating her costume, however she loved to sit and play with the materials while I worked away.  At age two was really where her interest in involvement developed.  Read this post on the development benefits of allowing your child to be hands-on with crafts like these. 

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