DIY Kitchen Conversion Chart


This was by far the easiest upgrade to my kitchen thus far, not to mention inexpensive.  I was tired of all my measuring cups and spoons being a hodgepodge in my kitchen drawer.  Hanging them allowed me to free up space and find what I was looking for quicker.  Another great thing about this project is that the paper is removable and wont damage the cupboard!  Want to create your own kitchen conversion chart?  Here's what you need:


Items Needed:



Measure the inside of your cupboard door and cut your contact paper to size.  Adhere your contact paper to the door, starting from the top, (I used a credit card to smooth out any bubbles.

Once you paper is up it's time to map out your design.  I found my inspiration on Pinterest by searching "Kitchen Conversion Chart".  Here are a few of my favorites:

A few things to note before you start drawing:

  1. Work your way down.  Starting at the top is easier because once you hammer in your nails it will be more difficult to write around them - I made this mistake and it just took me a while to finish.
  2. Take note to where you want to place your cups and spoons.  Make sure theirs enough clearance for the cup or spoon to fit if you shut the cupboard door.
  3. Check the thickness of your door!  If your door is really is another option! --> Use a strip of wood instead!
  4. Hammer your nails in about 1/4 the way and pointing slightly upward.  Unless you have really heavy measuring cups, a small picture hanging nail should hold it just fine.
  5. Go slow.  Remember your using a permanent marker!  Go slow and if you mess up, nail polish remover works pretty well and cleaning up the booboo.

Not so crafty?  You can purchase conversion chart decals on Etsy! Check these out:

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