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Homemade Playdough

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I used to make Playdough all the time as a child.  These days, we go through Playdough faster than we do a gallon of milk.  The concept of putting the dough away after we were done playing with it took a while to click with Preston and since pink and purple are in high demand in this house, DIY Playdough was the best solution.

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We love this recipe because it's super simple, coming together in 10 minutes or less and the colors are super vibrant!  And much like slime, most of the ingredients you need are probably just laying around your house.  So let's get to it!



1 cup of all purpose flour
1/3 cup of table salt
2 tsp of cream of tartar
1 TBSP of olive oil
1 cup of water
Gel food coloring


Using a medium saucepan, sift together flour, salt, and cream of tartar.  Next, turn your burner to low-medium heat and slowly add water and olive oil.  Stir dough until liquid is absorbed (the dough will be thick) then immediately add your food coloring.  Once the dough begins to lump, remove the pan from heat and keep stirring until the dough starts to form into a ball (this should take no more than a minute, so act quickly!)  Place the dough on a plate to cool for 5-10 minutes until cool enough to handle.

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You can store your Playdough in a ziplock bag and if not left out, it will last for weeks!  If you notice that your dough is getting a bit dry, need in a few teaspoons of water to revive it.  Or make a new batch since it's super easy 😉


If you love this project as much as we do, try our DIY Slime!  You can also find a handful of simple kid crafts here!




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