Glow-stick Jack-o-lantern Jars

Halloween is almost here!  Get your kids excited about the upcoming holiday with these super simple Jack-o-lantern Jars!  This is such a fun and easy activity for kids and everything you need can be purchased at your local Dollar store.  My littles love this so much we've already made these a few times this month!

here's what you need

Clear plastic jar with a lid - you can use a glass ball-jar but the plastics just safer for little hands
Glowsticks, any color
Black stickers like these, or a black sharpie
Kitchen scissors
Gorilla glue (optional - if you want to seal your jars)


Start by laying down some newspaper or paper bags; this will help prevent any stains when you open the glow sticks.

Using your black stickers and scissors, cut out jack-o-lantern faces.  Put your faces on the outside of the jars and remove the lid.  You can also use a sharp to draw a jack-o-lantern face on your jar.

Next, prepare your glowsticks!  Crack your glowsticks and shake so the chemical reaction allows the stick to glow.  With adult assistance, cut the tips off your glowsticks. We use 6-10 sticks per jar, and any color will do.  Once the first end of the glowstick is cut off, place that end in the jar.  One-by-one cut the other end of the glow stick off - this will allow the chemicals in the stick to drain.  TIP: if you don't want to wait for the chemicals to drain, you can blow on one end and it will force the liquid drain faster. (DO NOT get the chemicals in your mouth!)

After your glowsticks have drained, remove them from the jars and dispose of them in the trash.  Fill the rest of your jar with water, seal the lid and BOOM!  Glowing Jack-o-lantern Jar!  You can use Gorilla glue to seal the jar if you don't plan on opening it back up, however you can keep it tightly sealed without glue until the chemical reaction is done and the Jack-o-lantern stops glowing.  This will allow you to use it again!


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